Buy/Sell Real estate
Powered by hxMLS, distributed marketplace and price oracle for tokenized real estate
In traditional real estate sales, brokers upload specifics of the property they are looking to sell. Official photos, details of the property, pricing and other related data is aggregated into multiple listing service (MLS) systems. Websites and apps use the data as a source of truth with regard to the sales details of each property.
An hxMLS NFT can be minted by effectively staking a token representing ownership of the property. When a property token is staked, the LP hxMLS token is generated. When the property eventually sales, liquidating the tokens, the hxMLS LP token and NFT is burned.
Staking a single property token is required to ensure authenticity, and surface rental yield real-time. Reported yield is capture based on rents collected by specific token in relation to the unit economics of the property.
Initially, rent yield will accumulate in the staked token. In the future, that accumulated value will be used to cover ChainLink/Graph calls to get new pricing data.
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